Yueran Textile are an silk fabrics and fashion scarves manufacturer based in the China. We provide high quality custom produced silk fabrics, fashion scarves and silk products.


Based in the China in our own customized factory our specialist team silk fabrics production utilizing the worlds most innovative technology. Our company is built upon a vast knowledge of manufacturing, in fact we have been doing silk fabrics and silk scarves business since 2004.


100% silk satin fabric 
weight 12,16, 19, 22,25,30 40mm
silk velvet fabric 
dyed,printed, burnout
100% Silk Organza
Weight 5,8,10,12mm
100% silk twill fabric 
weight 12, 14, 16mm
100% silk Crepe De Chine
weight 12,14,16,18,23,30,40mm
100% Silk Chiffon&Silk Georgette
weight 6,8,10,12mm


marka ipek eşarplar toptan
Silk fabrics
yün Atkılar
Silk Scarves OEM
$12,50 - $15,00/Adet
5 Adet(Min. Order)
$12,50 - $15,00/Adet
5 Adet(Min. Order)
$8,50 - $9,00/Metre
100 Metre(Min. Order)
$7,00 - $8,00/Metre
100 Metre(Min. Order)
$10,00 - $11,00/Metre
100 Metre(Min. Order)
$13,00 - $14,00/Adet
100 Adet(Min. Order)
$12,00 - $13,00/Adet
100 Adet(Min. Order)